It’s Great to Be Out of the Rat Race

A happy and active retirement is what most people will aim for when they reach pensionable age although some are happy to settle for a “slippers and pipe” lifestyle. Whichever lifestyle they may decide to choose, they will experience the joy of freedom. You can also experience the joy from a few jokes here 🙂


Most people approaching pensionable age are concerned about the state of their pension funds. It is understandable that they are worried that their pension funds may not be large enough to ensure a happy and active lifestyle when they retire. If this is something that concerns you, then please view my separate pages on what jobs are appropriate for seniors and on starting a business.

In order to maximize income and not have money worries when you retire, you should start your pension planning as soon as possible, preferably in your early 20s. This will enable your pension funds to grow with time. However, don’t despair if you’ve not done your pension planning earlier as it’s never too late to save for your pension.

Here are some quotes about the happy event:

The only way to avoid being miserable is not to
have enough leisure to wonder whether you are happy or not.
— George Bernard ShawAs in all successful ventures, the foundation of a good pension is planning. — Earl NightingaleIt’s no longer a question of staying healthy. It’s a question of finding a sickness you like.
— Jackie MasonEating’s going to be a whole new ball game. I may even have to buy a new pair of trousers. — Lester Piggott (b. 1935), British champion jockeyRetiring from work is… when you say goodbye to tension and hello to pension!… when living is easy and the payments are hard

… when you stop living at work and begin working at living.

A recent article by the Department of Health in the US painted a rather grim picture of the situation for many retirees in the US

Figures show:

  • over a million people over 65 feel trapped in their own homes
  • more than 490,000 have gone for a whole week without speaking to friends, neighbours or family
  • nearly half of all older people consider the television as their main form of company; and
  • more than 50 per cent of over 75s live on their own.

Social interaction is extremely important when we leave work for good. We are no longer in the working environment to share a joke or gossip with our colleagues. Sadly, many retirees get trapped in their home environment with no one to talk to apart from their family members, if they are fortunate to have them around.

With that in mind, this portal is setup to serve the needs of senior citizens.

This is a Pensioners Corner. With our pool of experience and knowledge base we should be able to help each other:

    • forums to make friends and interact with each other. We can share our joys and happiness as well as our problems and concerns.
    • share our holiday experiences and photos
    • learn new skills such as a new language or flower arrangements. There will be a section on self-improvement courses.
    • pickup healthy eating and exotic recipes
    • get updates on pension benefits
    • share healthy aging and active lifestyle ideas
    • provide further information on pension planning for those nearly reaching pensionable age
    • share ideas on ways of supplementing our income such as part-time jobs or starting a home-based business. This will help retirees to overcome money worries.
    • enjoy online computer games such as crossword puzzles and sudoku to stimulate our minds

and many other online activities.

It is hoped that this pensioners’ corner will serve as a meeting point for retirees to socialise and interact. We also offer a bit of estate planning advice. 

Whilst it’s great to be out of the rat race, it is equally important to stay healthy and happy when we finally quit our jobs for good. For example, through finding a local community center for seniors.