Retirement Jobs – 10 Suitable Types Of Jobs For Retirees
Most of the senior jobs are less physical to perform and do not require much specialised training. The skills acquired by seniors during their active careers are usually adequate to enable them to carry out the required tasks.
Many employers are prepared to offer retirement jobs to those who have reached retirement age.

There are many senior recruitment agencies around to help seniors find jobs in retirement. These senior recruitment agencies have a portfolio of employers that are willing to employ seniors on part-time or on short term contracts.

More seniors are looking for retirement jobs these days because:

    • they need to find senior jobs to supplement their retirement income;
    • seniors have a wealth of work experiences accumulated during their careers, and they want to put these experiences to good use.
    • they are more willing to accept lower rates after they are retired from their full time jobs;
    • they are motivated to go work to interact and socialise with other people and to get away from the boredom of sitting at home;

Some retirees have opted to start their own home businesses while many others are looking for temporary or part-time retirement jobs.

Here are 10 senior jobs suitable for retirees:

    1. temporary jobs to fill in temporary vacancies like covering for maternity leave, long term sickness or during the summer holidays. There are many different type of temporary clerical and administrative jobs available in the job market;
    2. special projects like doing market researches, surveys or tendering a bid for a contract;
    3. short-term consultancy services;
    4. support full-time staff during busy periods of the day such as part-time sales assistants or cashiers;
    5. daily courier services like collecting and delivery work from dentists to dental laboratories, collecting and delivering paperwork from local businesses to accounting firms, etc…;
    6. providing part-time bookkeeping services to local accounting firms;
    7. part-time teaching in a tuition centre for subjects such as English, Maths, Science, etc..;
    8. providing part-time home care services for the elderly and the disabled;
    9. child-minding – taking children to school and collecting them from school;
    10. looking after pets like pet grooming, dog walking or looking after pets while their owners are on vacation.

As seniors, these retirement jobs to supplement retirement income should be fun, enjoyable and less stressful. These jobs in retirement should keep seniors mentally and socially engaged.

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